CROSSED BONESThe second Tommy & Shayna Crime Caper is AVAILABLE NOW!

Shayna Billups left Tommy Ruzzo and Seatown, Florida in smoking ruins before escaping to New Orleans. She’s slinging rum drinks at a pirate-themed dive bar when a treasure map grabs her attention. All alone and thirsting for adventure, Shayna follows the clues to North Carolina where she assembles a band of drug-dealing pirates to wage war on a murderous mayor and his blood-thirsty biker gang.

As the bodies pile up, Shayna wonders if Ruzzo will find her before she ends up in Davy Jones’ Locker.


Praise for “Crossed Bones”:

“Lauden is clearly playing with every trope in the drawer with this series of novellas. With ever nod, wink, and smile that he sends through the page to the reader, you know he’s having an absolute blast with this series.”                                                                                              —Dan Malmon, Crimespree Magazine

“Lauden has written one of the craziest, wildest novels I’ve read this year…”                            —Steph Post, author of “A Tree Born Crooked” and “Lightwood”

“‘Crossed Bones’ is the adult version of a carnival ride and Lauden’s writing keeps us grounded even as we plunge into the absurdity of costumed pirates battling a motorcycle gang for a lost treasure.”                                                                                             —David Nemeth, Unlawful Acts

Praise for “Crosswise,” the first Tommy & Shayna Crime Caper:

“The suspense starts on the first page and doesn’t let up. A unique setting with unforgettable characters.” 
—Terrence McCauley, author of “Sympathy For The Devil”

“Briskly paced and precise as a Sunday crossword, this mystery hooks you fast, reels you in, and keeps you dangling in suspense till the very last page.”
—Scott Adlerberg, author of “Jungle Horses” and “Graveyard Love”

“Crosswise stands as a glorious bastard child of Goodfellas and The Golden Girls. It’s a taut mystery with a hell of a wicked streak that only further cements S.W. Lauden as one of the best new voices in mystery and crime.”
—Angel Luis Colón, author of “The Fury of Blacky Jaguar”