bcc-cover-finalAvailable Now! An East Los Angeles police officer by day and a beach cities punk rock legend by night, Salem is forced into action when his two worlds violently collide. The search for his friend’s murderer takes him on a journey through the murky waters of his hometown, forcing him to explore the dark corners of his sun-soaked world.

Without a badge to hide behind any longer, he enlists the help of his drug-addict drummer Marco to help him solve the crime. Over the course of ten days, they survive vicious beatings, car chases, love triangles, kidnapping, and betrayal on Salem’s road to self-discovery.

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Dead End Follies

“BAD CITIZEN CORPORATION is a sneaky and sophisticated mystery that will please even the most die-hard fans of the genre.” — Benoit Lelievre

My Bookish Ways

“I want more Greg Salem. I want to find out about a few of the other mysteries in his life and I definitely want to see his Los Angeles again. I especially want to see him kick ass on stage a few more times. I’m absolutely psyched to see what Lauden has next.” — Angel Colon

Out of the Gutter

“Lauden handles this book with the steady hand you would expect from a more experienced author. The characters are engaging and unique, the plot is well-paced and unpredictable, and he keeps the reader invested throughout the book.” — Derrick Horodyski

Crime Syndicate Magazine

“BCC is one hell of a debut from a promising author in a series that will almost certainly solicit legions of followers, just like Greg Salem’s band, Bad Citizen Corporation.” — Michael Pool

Spinetingler Mag.

“It is so rare that you find an author so young who is able to control all these twists and turns in a story and keep the novel from crashing. Lauden excells. The man is one to watch.”