NewTBTD Final Cover Power Pop Novelette!

That’ll Be The Day is a 17,000-word power pop heist that I’m self-publishing in June. Are you a reviewer? Do you host a podcast about crime fiction or music? Want to take a peek? Check It Out!

New Music This June!

I played drums on the debut album for an LA-based garage rock/power pop band called The Brothers Steve. Details are still sketchy….but Like us on Facebook!

rsz_murder_gogosLatest Short Fiction

Murder-A-Go-Go’s is a crime fiction anthology inspired by the iconic 80s band. The collection includes my take on “Vacation” (spoilers, it’s creepy). More Short Stories!

WT Updated LogoWriter Types Podcast

Crime and mystery podcast co-hosted by S.W. Lauden and Eric Beetner. Guests: Lawrence Block, Attica Locke, Gillian Flynn, Lee Child, etc.

Short Story In A Song

A series about lyrics that would make great short stories. Featured artists include The Nerves, Supergrass, The Kinks, Jawbreaker and more at Punk Noir Magazine.